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Hi! We’re so glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by. 

We are Charles and Rebeca Seitz, married for 17 years with two kiddos and a menagerie of rescued fur babies. We are learning to be free and live a good life after leaving evangelical faith. Rebeca was a Southern Baptist Christian (raised in it, worked in it, lived in it for 32 years) and Charles was a Lutheran Christian (raised in it, confirmed in it, lived in it for 30 years). We announced in January 2019 that, after two years of soul-searching, we were leaving the evangelical faith to find out and embrace What Is True.

You’ve found a place to live beyond the rules and rigid, misguided understandings of Scripture and church. 

No more boycotts. No more judgment. No more condemnation. Just love, freedom, authenticity, and grace. From what we buy to how we behave, FREEVANGELIC is the resource we’ve created to let you know how we go beyond evangelicalism to living a good life. 

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