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Latest Episodes:
  • Israel and Palestine – Whose Land Is It?
    The Freevangelics explore the deepest biblical roots of the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Digging deep into Genesis, they uncover the Jewish claim to the land and explore whether and how that claim would still apply thousands of years later. Whose land is it anyway? Listen to “Israel …Read More »
  • Vote Common Good – Interview with Doug Pagitt
    The Freevangelics interview Doug Pagitt, Executive Director of Vote Common Good about the disconnect between values and politics in America today. Vote Common Good is committed to helping all people, especially people of faith, to make the Common Good their guide for civic engagement and their voting criteria. You can …Read More »
  • Pure Hell: Purity Culture Fallout
    After more than 25 years, the fallout of the Purity Movement within evangelical Christianity has made national headlines through a mass murder conducted by a man who says he was eliminating temptation from his life. Rebeca and Charlie discuss how this decades-old movement shaped their sexuality, personal identities, and marriage …Read More »
  • Shedding Your Old Skin
    March 5, 2021 In this episode, the Freevangelics talk about how as we grow into new knowledge, wisdom, and maturity in the search for Truth we outgrow the old skin of evangelical belief and have to shed it, much like the gumbo limbo tree of Florida does as it grows. …Read More »
  • The Freevangelic Podcast – The Remnant Part 1
    Season Two kicks off with the Freevangelics, Rebeca and Charlie, starting a new exploration of what remains after leaving evangelical Christianity and charting their own faith path. When the Bible is what made you leave, is there still anything left in the Bible you can find useful? More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast: Isaiah and the Amazing Technicolor Almah
    Charlie asks Rebeca about authority sources for parenting when, “Because the Bible says so,” isn’t an option. His question comes at a time when a video showing John MacArthur telling Beth Moore to “Go home,” is making the social media rounds. His basis for the command is that Bible doesn’t …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast from the Wild Goose Festival 2019 – Wrapping it Up
    The Wild Goose Festival 2019 is done and we came away with a much different experience than we expected after the rough day one. Transformation happened. Relationships began. New insights into what it means to be FREEVANGELIC came. Will FREEVANGELIC return in 2020?Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast from the Wild Goose Festival 2019 – The Festival Begins
    The Wild Goose Festival kicked into high gear and FREEVANGELIC had a great time learning, serving, being, and experiencing what the Goose has to offer. We’ve also learned some things about ourselves, the Bible, and more.Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast from the Wild Goose Festival 2019 – Trials and Tribulations
    The FREEVANGELIC Seitz family made it to the Wild Goose Festival grounds in Hot Springs, NC, and then things went sideways. Loving, caring people came to the rescue and all is back on track for two days of work, learning, experiencing, and more. Rebeca was so exhausted while recording this …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast at The Wild Goose Festival
    Leaving Home The Seitz family is heading out from their home in Southwest Florida to the Wild Goose Festival 2019 for four days of music, great speakers, and service as festival volunteers – and camping.Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast – Episode 8
    Misquoting Jesus Is today’s Bible what was written almost 2,000 years ago? In the 1,500 years between the time of Jesus and the invention of the printing press, the gospels and letters of the New Testament were repeatedly hand-copied by scribes, at first amateurs and later professionals. We examine this …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast – Do We Still Need God?
    Charles and Rebeca cover lots of questions and ideas in this episode of The FREEVANGELIC Podcast. Why do humans exhibit the need for a deity in their lives? Are we becoming a post-deity society wherein our knowledge explains what had been mystical? Is it enough to stand in awe without …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast – Gospel Truth
    In this episode, Rebeca and Charlie reveal summer plans and then have a great (if longer than Rebeca would like) discussion about the historical Jesus and Russell Shorto‘s book “Gospel Truth.” Was Jesus actually born of a virgin? Did he really change water into wine? What is the truth about …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast: 15th Wedding Anniversary
    In this 5th episode of the FREEVANGELIC Podcast – recorded on our 15th wedding anniversary – Hubs and I discuss how leaving the evangelical Christian community three years ago has impacted our marriage. And then we let the kiddos speak. (Yep, we’re just that nuts.) What they said surprised us …Read More »
  • The FREEVANGELIC Podcast: 3 Pagans and a Cat
    In this episode of The FREEVANGELIC Podcast, Rebeca and Charlie interview their old friends and clients, Kristine and Tom McGuire. The McGuires are now known as Gwyn and Car of the 3 Pagans and a Cat Podcast. In a wide-ranging interview, they discuss many topics including the crazy products Christians …Read More »
  • Interview With Tim Sledge: FREEVANGELIC Podcast #3
    In the third installment of the FREEVANGELIC Podcast, Rebeca and Charlie interview former Southern Baptist minister Tim Sledge, author of “Goodbye Jesus: An Evangelical Preacher’s Journey Beyond Faith.” The former Christians uncover striking similarities in their experiences and interests despite having never known each other.  We’re still new at this whole …Read More »
  • Bible Contradictions: FREEVANGELIC Podcast #2
    In the second installment of The FREEVANGELIC Podcast, Rebeca and Charlie discuss which contradiction in the Bible and specific seeming cruelties of God chronicled in the Old Testament led to Rebeca pushing away from Christianity. You can follow along in 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21. In case you …Read More »
  • Charlie’s Reaction: FREEVANGELIC Podcast #1
    I told Hubs (Charlie) that people were asking about his reaction when I came to him with the news that I was leaving evangelical Christianity – that I was going to allow myself to explore freely. So, I asked him to write a post. He said, “Nope. You’re the writer…but …Read More »